Hello readers, today you are going to learn how to change your voice easily on TikTok. If you use the Tiktok app on your device and want to know about it then you should read this article till the end. You will get to know many new things in the article, keep reading.

TIkTok is a social media platform where you can create, share and discover new interesting short videos. And you should know that TikTok is owned by a chinese company which is known as ByteDance. Every user uses this social media platform to create short-form videos from genres like motivational, sports, comedy, dance, education and many more. Users can create videos ranging from a maximum of fifteen seconds to a minute.

More than 500 million users all over the world use the Tiktok app on their device and most of the users are teenagers. They use this app to showcase their talent to other users as Tiktok is actually one of the most active and popular platforms nowadays.

How to Change Your Voice on TikTok

Using this Tiktok application, you can easily create short videos that include your own voice. And if you want to change your voice on Tiktok then this article will definitely help you understand how to change voice on Tiktok app. Here, we will use the voice effect feature to change voice on Tiktok. You should know that voice effects are available for TikTok on Android and iOS devices.

Record your short-video and add a Voice Effect on Tiktok

If you want to use the voice effects feature in Tiktok then you have to make sure that your video includes your voice. You will not be able to use voice effects in videos where you create them with built-in templates that contain music.

  • In the first step, you’ll open the tiktok app on your device and then click on the + (plus sign) to start recording your own video. You can see this + (plus sign) at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now, you have to tap on the record button, record your video normally, and tap it once again to stop the recording. And when you’re finished recording then you have to click on the check mark.

  • Now you can see some options on the top right of your screen, you have to tap on Voice Effects option.
  • And then a window will pop up from the bottom, you have to tap to hear each of the voice effects. Choose one voice effect and then tap away from the window. Also, if you don’t like any effect then tap on the None option. You’ll see this option on the far left.
  • You can add text or stickers to your video and once you are finished click the Next button.

  • After doing these steps properly, now you have to select your Post options, save the video. Or, you can simply click on the Post like any other video you create.

How to add Voice Effects to the Draft video

If you have already created a Tiktok video which you have saved in the draft for posting later, you can edit that also. You can edit that video to include the voice effect.

  • For this, you have to tap on the Me tab and then select Drafts. You can see the Me tab at the bottom.
  • Now, you will select a draft from your list and once the Post options open then tap Back on the top left.

  • You have to tap on Voice Effects from the options once the video plays. You’ll see this option on the top right of your screen.

  • After this, you have to follow the same steps that we mentioned above to choose a Voice Effect and then you can save or post it on Tiktok.

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